June 28, 2011

Personality...Does your home reflect who you are?

OK...I've given you plenty of time to take your home's personality test. Have you completed it yet? Did it reveal to you...How well you know yourself?  Did you discover what the elements of your style are? Now for the question...How do you create your PERSONALITY and STYLE?

Your home should be a picture of who you are...a true reflection of your personality and tastes.  Have you decided, from the personality test, if  your home really does reflect you?  Many times when I go to a new client's home it is like experiencing a true "Blast from the Past" look of their life ... instead of their true lifestyle as it is now.  Sometimes it can be quite amusing to see how so many of us "hang on" to something from when we were young, in college, because a special friend gave it to us, or it was a wedding gift years ago. I believe to some degree we are ALL like this, right? When you are ready to pursue YOUR style and personality, then a question you must ask yourself is...Is this item really ME? Does it reflect my unique personality or not?  As hard as it may be, we can't keep everything and hope to come up with a different personalized room.  This is a major step to creating a room that you love because it represents YOU and not someone else.

Our homes are to be our havens...our refuge. It's a place to come home to after a long day of work, or for some, a place to work from.  It is also probably the largest investment that we will  make in our lifetime...so our homes should, therefore, bring us joy, peace, security, and comfort. They CAN, if they are designed and decorated to take on our very own personality and style. So,  why do we seem to not be able to make our very own homes...our haven?

Because so many times consumers are just out for a day of casual shopping and "things", shiny things, just sort of catch their attention.  They are already unhappy with their room (or rooms) at home so they end up impulse buying just to try and "fix" the entire room with new things...not even realizing this won't happen without a PLAN and will probably just clutter the room even more.  Give it a couple weeks, if that long, and they usually won't even like these new pieces any more either!  On the other hand, another reason is that sometimes consumers will rush out and buy as much as possible for a room - ALL AT ONE TIME! They desire to just "get it done".  They make a lot of unwise buying choices and later realize their choices were made in haste.  (Perhaps you've even done this!) They now even hate everything they bought and end up feeling that they just wasted all that money (and they DID!).  They find themselves still frustrated and unhappy with the room...and before you know it...they will start this "wrong" process all over again by running out and making more unwise purchases.  So, you can see, the process would be a whole lot EASIER and probably LESS COSTLY even if they started with ONE wise decision...to hire an Interior Designer!  THEN they could rest assured that they will have their home transformed into their very own, unique HAVEN...reflecting their personality and pulled together with such STYLE.


Defining your own PERSONALITY and STYLE is about having a plan and then making wise purchasing decisions.  This will insure that you are living surrounded by things that bring you joy. Each purchase must back-up YOUR style and personality and...bring you joy!  You will want your home to be a true reflection of who you are now...and not who you were years ago (meaning stuck in the past).  It should not be cluttered...our lives are complicated already...so don't just add more "stuff" to it.  Surround yourself with things you love and keep it simple. You will have created your haven then! 

Want a fun great tip on where to look for the COLORS of your personality?  It's quite simple...


Go to your CLOSET...what colors are revealed?  You usually wear the colors that reflect YOU!  What did you discover?

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  House Beautiful,  Coastal Living,  Google image


  1. HA! I truly hope my home does not reflect my personality because I would be a severely depressed person.

  2. Your home is not depressing my friend...so no worries! You just know who to call when you are ready to make some fun changes, right?