September 12, 2011

Color Splash

I hope you all had a great weekend! I know that most of us probably had the 9/11 tragedy on our hearts and minds yesterday.  I know I did and I prayed for those families many times throughout the day.

We have some renovations going on in our household right now.  This kept us pretty busy over the weekend.  With painting now underway and some areas is so nice to stand back and see what a fresh new coat of paint can do!  Whether you change the colors, or just apply a fresh coat, it is such a change.  I did change colors and now I have a lovely back entrance and hallway done in HUMBLE GOLD by Sherwin Williams.  Here is the sample color...

Keep in mind, my dining room is now done in VALENTINE (also SW)...which I believe I shared earlier with you...

I will also be adding a blue/green somewhere along the way too.  I haven't made the exact selection yet (have three or four I like!) but this one will give you the idea of my new color scheme...

Then, the fun part will be adding accessories to enhance my new color scheme!  I am so excited to finally be making a change for ME!  I love helping clients make all of these changes, but truth is, I never seem to find the time to coordinate and plan all the changes for myself.  Sad, but true!  Just being honest here.

So, with that being said, and the fact that I always use Sherwin Williams paint (I just love their paints and the service we receive!) I wanted to share this short video with you about their HGTV line of paint colors...Click Here 

Enjoy and Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits: Sherwin Williams

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