March 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

Would you like a Spring Cleaning Checklist?  Sometimes our Spring cleaning can seem WAY overwhelming...right?  Maybe this can help simplify and make it easier to get the job done.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

The idea of spring cleaning can be refreshing and pretty daunting at the same time. The thought of cleaning your home from top to bottom while targeting every dusty and questionable corner isn’t one most people smile about, but the result leaves you feeling pretty accomplished.
Spring Cleaning is a large-scale task, and most people want to start with the kitchen or the garage. But, I’ve found that it’s better to start small, building your momentum. There are some tasks you can do to prep every room. Cleaning a high traffic area with a low traffic area helps you take on the task in manageable chunks.
Here’s a checklist for putting a dent in that spring cleaning. This first group of areas you’ll tackle in this three part spring cleaning list will be the living areas, dining room and small tasks for every room.
Living Areas
Clean furniture with a vacuum cleaner
Rearrange furniture, cleaning under and behind it
Clear out and wipe drawers, cabinets and book shelves
Dining Room
Wipe and polish table tops and buffet tops
Polish display silver
Wipe down crystal, china and other ceramic display items
Clear and wipe out drawers, china cabinets
Every Room
Dust walls, ceilings, corners and vents
Dust & wipe photographs, decorations and ceiling fans
Spot clean the walls
Wash drapes and rugs
Wipe windows and window sills. Caulk if needed
Vacuum and shampoo the carpet
Polish anything metal
Wax anything wooden
Get re-organized using boxes for donations, recycling and trash
Turn rugs the opposite direction for even wearing

This checklist was provided by a wonderful friend and real estate professional (here).  If you are interested in NC coastal property then be sure to check out her website!  She's everything you could need or 
want in a realtor...impeccable service! (Thanks Susan for sharing this                        with us!)

So, here's to happy spring cleaning...and in the process be sure to ...

Make it a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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