May 4, 2011

Adding Color without Paint

I saw an article that was so inspiring, even to me, that I thought I'd share some of it with you.  Here are a few simple examples of how you can add color to your rooms...even if you are leary of putting color on your walls.  As I said yesterday, sometimes even just a few small and simple changes can make such an impact on your rooms! Take a look...

Pink mirrors and frames on dresser
How about painting some mismatched frames for that pop of color.  You can paint them all the same or use several coordinating colors.  And...don't forget something as simple as changing the knobs on your furniture (or cabinets!) to pop some fresh color.  I call this one "Simply Irresistible"...and you KNOW I'm a-lovin' this PINK!!!

Flower Lamp Shade
How about a lampshade revamp?  What a neat way to add that flair and color...can be another DIY project!

Red Tulips in living room
And of are always a fun way to bring in color and "loveliness" to a room.  We always seem to add flowers when we design projects. This is a simple and economical way to make a dramatic impact.  What I love most is that flowers always "soften" those hard surfaces. A "must" to me in interior design!

Tabletop palette
An eye-catching bright table top is a sure way to add color to your room and can easily be changed. This would most certainly pop some much needed color in an otherwise neutral room.

Lemons, Oranges  on serving dishes

Kitchen island with flowers
This is a great way to pop a burst of color (and "soften") especially in your kitchen. I love the use of bowls, compotes, and glass vases to showcase fresh fruits or produce and flowers...what a statement this makes!  Want to give it a try?

 green tile backplash in kitchen
Speaking of kitchens...nothing pops color quite like some glass tile backsplash...ooooh la la!  What a dramatic effect in this white kitchen!

Green shelves in kitchen
Even though this is shown in another kitchen (and it's green again!) this is a great way to pop some color in "any" room.  How about giving an old piece of furniture a make-over by splashing on a fresh new color and using it in your room somewhere.  What a great "pop"...don't you think?

floating shelves and white table
Have a neutral room?  Just add some colorful artwork (OK, and just maybe a couple of colorful pillows!).  How simple is this and what a drastic change of mood in this room it made!

Blue cabinet interior
And last but not least...if you can't bare to put color on the about at least a little color in those built-ins?  Now, imagine if the back of this corner cabinet was left white...would it make such an impact?  Absolutely not!  I love how it "pops" the entire area and ties in so nicely with that wonderful window valance.  This is voted my "fav" of the day...which one do you like best?  I'd love to hear from you and if you may be willing to try and pop some color in any of these easy ways we've seen here today.

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Make it a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits: Better Homes and Garden

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