May 13, 2011

From Beauty!

I have big plans for the week-end!  Plans to clean out some clutter in my house...see... they are "big" plans as it will be a big job indeed.  It's that time of year when I like to go through everything, closets and drawers, and donate anything that we don't use.  This time I'm not going to hang on to anything that I haven't worn or used in the past year....that's my new rule! I am "in the mood" to be clutter free.

My inspiration for this project was one I saw some time ago (can't even recall where it's from).  Look at this lovely organized jewelry drawer...I just loved it!

Everything is visible and easy to find.  Don't you just love the items that are used to hold this jewelry?  Look at how the earrings just dangle over the side of the cup...ah! I just thought this was a neat and beautiful way to display your jewelry.  So, I have gone over to Etsy to find a few vintage pieces that I could use to organize my very own jewelry drawer in this fashion. 

Royal Standard Footed Bone China Pink Roses and Gold Trio Teacup Saucer and Plate England 3781
I was absolutely intrigued when I ran across this beautiful Royal Standard Footed Bone China Pink Roses and Gold Trio Teacup Saucer and Plate...I could certainly find a place to use this one, but it may NOT be in my jewelry drawer!!! 

Limoges Double-Handed Cup and Saucer- Haviland & Co. France
Another sweet beauty - plain and simply - is this Limoges Double- Handed Cup and Saucer from Haviland & Co. France.

vintage Shabby Chic White Porcelain Painted Floral Trinket Dish Set
I thought this little unique one could also serve a purpose in my jewelry drawer with it having sections. Let's see, what pieces would it hold?

Vintage Lustreware Tea Cup and Saucer with Violets
I think I'll add this little vintage cup and saucer with violets too.  I could see some of my earrings hanging around the inside of this beauty...and some rings around the base perhaps.

antique Limoges cup and saucer, Theodore Haviland, late 1800s to 1904
And for this Limoges, Theodore Haviland, late 1800's to 1904, cup and saucer...a must have! It's so delicate and beautiful.

 Vintage Fenton Bowl Crested Ruffled Crimped Cased White with Rose Interior
What's not to love about adding a Vintage Fenton Bowl to my collection in my drawer...and it's PINK! 

And you know I must have a PINK Victorian style saucer for my collection.  I love the design and the gold trim around the edges. 

Well, I do believe I have made my selections for organizing my new jewelry drawer...these along with a few antique plates given to me by my dad (and antique lover and collector!).  You know, if we could make all of our organizing this fun, pretty, and colorful...I do think my entire house just "may" be completely about yours?  Are you inspired to get some drawers cleaned out and clutter free? Then let us know if you have any unique ideas such as this to better organize your areas.  We'd love to hear your tips and ideas?

Whatever you do...have a "Simply Irresistible" weekend!

Photo Credits:  unknown source, Etsy

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