May 24, 2011

Custom Window Treatments

Since we've been talking about custom window treatments, today I will show you a few random jobs we have done for clients. I know we enjoyed creating these designs to make the room exactly what our clients wanted.

A close-up of the above...

Monkeys galore...yep, it is monkey fabric...with contrasting lining that shows when it's rolled up!

Lots of stationary drapery panels here...large rings used on top.

This was for a huge wall of windows also.  We used a mix of stationary panels and roman topper valances. There is another window on far end that is treated just like this one on the left.

Simple...yet stunning...and just installed on a tension rod. There is trim on the bottom, but you can't see it well here.

And this one I SO enjoyed designing...the solid fabric has a silken sheen to it that shimmers with two different colors depending on where you stand and the lighting in the room. Oh, did I mention they are also "puddled" on the floor! 

The other wall in the same room (a little dark, but I wanted to show you) with same treatment, but for single windows designed with knots on the inside ends.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of our custom window treatment designs.  I know they are a true investment, but I believe they make such an impact in your rooms and will be worth it each and every time you walk into that "space" in your home. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a...
"Simpy Irresistible" Day!

All photos are property of Alpha & Omega Interiors. 


  1. They also look beautiful when lifted to let the light in, as roman blinds by itself bulge well, and the material of roman blinds pool when raised to resemble a window dressing that is just beautiful.

    custom window treatments

  2. Yes, these are less bulky than roman shades and I like that about them too. Thank you for stopping by our blog!

  3. One picture number 4 with the red curtains where did you get that long curtain rod? I have a huge wall of windows and I would like to find a curtain rod that is 160" long, but I cannot find one anywhere.

  4. I will look up that info for you and post the name of the vendor. We carry various lines of hardware so I need to be sure which one this was. Thanks for stopping by our blog!

  5. The hardware used in this project was Select Drapery Hardware. You can find them at

    In this room, we used the mahogany finish on a 2 1/4" pole. They have lengths available up to 16 ft. It is a wonderful hardware'll love it! Hope this helps!