July 19, 2011

Brown and Turquoise Inspiration

I was planning a different post for today, however, when I saw this inspiration this morning I changed course a bit. I hope that is OK!  My wonderful neighbor and friend, whose scrapbook work I often mention here and follow-up with room design from it, has once again caught my eye with her amazing work.  It's not just her beautiful designs, but also her lovely choice of colors and patterns.  Here is today's inspiration from her...

When I saw this I immediately thought of all the ways this card design could be incorporated into a room.  Either brown or light turquoise walls, an area rug like that brown and ivory polka-dot paper strip, drapery panels in the turquoise and ivory plaid (shown on her scalloped circle), lots of pillows in the other patterns on a brown or neutral sofa, and two chairs in that gorgeous stripe...oooh, I could so see it in my mind...thus the reason for my post today...great job Tammy!  Love it!

So, here are some rooms I found similar to her color scheme.  I have always thought that any shade of turquoise blue really does wonders with brown tones.  Take a look and see what you think...
In this one I love that this rug grounds the entire color scheme and I adore the pattern in it. Here are our stripe chairs I mentioned along with draperies and pillows in the other fabrics. With the dark brown walls and blue sofa (instead of brown) it really pops even the brown-tones in the tables...don't you think?  What's not to love about this room?

Another, but basic, brown room brought to life with turquoise!

Here the brown is toned down a bit but adding the turquoise brings life into the room...wouldn't you agree?

And this lovely design, by famous Miles Redd, is sophisticated and elegant, yet fun-loving too.  I think this fun rug is what adds in a bit of the fun flair. I vote this design as "Simply Irresistible"...how about you?

A rustic look here with browns and neutrals, but that ever so wonderful POP of color with the throw, the chandelier base and these awesome turquoise shutters.

So if you'd like to brighten up the browns in your home...why not consider adding in some color in ways such as these shown here today.  I believe you will surely love the results as it can turn any room from "drab" to "fab"... give it a try!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  NC Scrap Addict, House Beautiful and Miles Redd


  1. You put a smile on my face tonight! I just love, love, love brown and turquoise together. Beautiful rooms!!!

  2. I love this color combo too. That's why your card inspired me so. Glad you enjoyed the rooms and it put a smile on your face!