May 23, 2012

Crazy and Off the Wall Stuff...

Oh my what a crazy day it's, I decided to just post something crazy...

Do you remember these?

I know they are still around, but they go way back too (without telling you my age, ha!) and I must admit...I love them!  I have given these little yummies up though since they aren't good for ya and they can cause lots of...cavities - yikes!  So...why am I showing these to you?  You'll see...

I was doing fabric research today for a couple of projects we are working on...and I saw this fabric.  But that's not the crazy part...the crazy of this is that it is named...


How crazy is that!  I love it!  When I saw it I knew it reminded me of the colors of something, but what? I know!

And...guess what else I found?

Which could remind me of these again!

So there you go...a little piece of my "craziness" out of my crazy day!  What do ya think?  Do I need to go out and buy me a box of these little treats?  After this kind of day?  I think so - well, maybe, if I can overcome the GUILT of doing it!!

Hope you are having a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

Photo Credits:  wikidpedia for GoodNPlenty, GH fabrics available through Alpha & Omega Interiors

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