May 18, 2012

Design-A-Room (Day #5)

Well, until we can get this problem issue resolved...this will be our last post on designing a room as we go...sad, but true.  As we work on our layout to add each time, it strangely posts to ALL previous posts...not just one, but ALL of them...before we even publish it.  It is the weirdest thing I have seen in awhile, so until we can resolve it we will just move on to other good things in the design world!

Today we are back to add a few more pieces to our room design that we are creating as we go.  I wanted to see how it looks when we added a few more pillows to those colorful chairs...with more of the same fabric we put on the sofa pillows...

GH Fabric-1

OK, I like repeating the fabric in the room.  This helps with the flow of things and of course, gives even more of a "pop" of color...remember, this is our BRIGHT, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL room design!

And I'd like to see a side table (or two) with these chairs.  What about these garden stools...too much color for YOU?  Not for us!  You can find these many places and in many different colors.  I love them...indoors, as well as outdoors!

Medallion Garden Stool

Now I want to add us some window treatments to "soften" the area.  I think using just panel draperies in here would do the trick.  We have alot going on in here already, so let's just keep the window treatments simple...shall we?  These are from Pottery Barn.
Silk drapes

I see a big "hole" in the design plan...a blank spot....can you guess "where" it is?  Let's test YOUR eye for this design plan.  OK, I'll tell you, it's that bare wall over the sofa...that is assuming the sofa is placed against a wall in our room design.  What about this one?

In Bloom Ii Canvas Wall Art Ii Blue

Sure, let's try it!

And...for another wall in that room, we'll add a pair of these...

"Orange Botanical Print III, Rustic Frame"
I get asked sometimes..."will these colors work together?".  Would YOU ask this same question here about this set of art..."will they work in the room with the orange?"  The answer is YES, take a look at the art over the sofa.  It even has both colors in YES, again.  It works!  Be creative. 

Last, but not least...let's add in a few accessories to that coffee table ottoman.  (Which you may have already seen with that crazy posting ahead that's been happening!)

S/2 Etched Rectangular Trays

Like a beautiful tray (which you could actually use as well when you have guests...or even for yourself, right?)  

And then there is this...yes, in ORANGE...

Orange Roses in Hourglass Vase

Let's top off that ottoman with some gorgeous roses like these on that tray...good?  To your liking?  

So, to finalize the is what we came up with.  Take a look...(and if you are just now joining us in this design a room, keep in mind this room is somehow posting to ALL days of this series, deleting the previous one...again, so strange!)


Ta-Da!  Hope you like and that you enjoyed the process of designing this room.  Sorry to end it so abruptly, (we NEED accessories on those shelves too!!) but hopefully it helped YOU.  

If you'd like a custom design plan just for YOU...let us know.  We'd love to work with you!  Just send us an email (i.e. comment) and one of our designers will get back in touch with you.

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Weekend!

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