May 2, 2012

Design-A-Room (Day #1)

With yesterday's post in mind, today we will start building a simple room design using some of those luscious new fabric releases we showed you.  Hopefully this process will give you an idea of how you can get started on your own room design!  In the end, we'll put all the selected items together and see what transpired...are you ready to get started?  Here goes...Day #1.

Let's start with the bones of the room...meaning some basic furniture choices.  In this living room we will use a neutral sofa and two end tables like this...

Nantucket Slipcover 2-Cushion Sofa

I love the simplicity of this Nantucket style (source here) and the fact that you can add or change the look of it with new throw pillows...every season if you'd like.  OK, now that we have a sofa, comfy at that, for the room...what about those end tables we will need.

Sasha Accent Table With Drawer - Cappuccino

Let's use this classic style that is also simple and has clean lines.  This Sasha table can be found at Target, believe it or not (assuming of course it's still available).  If not, then I know I have seen this style recently at Pier One.  By selecting these we will keep it budget friendly, but you can always find this style by a higher-end manufacturer if you so desire.    

Oh, and just for a little early-on "pop" of that fabric...let's add a couple pillows in this...
GH Fabric-1

So, for Day #1, this is what we have so far...

Are you with us on this little project that we are developing as we go?  If you'd like to share any comments along the way, please do so.  We'd love to hear from you! Be sure to come back by for our next steps in our "Design-A-Room" project.

Be sure to have a..."Simply Irresistible" Day!

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