May 7, 2012

Design-A-Room (Day#3)

Ok, I must admit...there is a weird thing happening to our posts in this series!  Once a post is published and we work on the next post (or even ideas for several ahead)...the design board gets updated on the previously posted blog...and WE aren't posting it!  Yikes...this is crazy! Anyone out there had this happen or better yet, know HOW this happens?  If you do, please let us know.  This is our newest post, but be may update the previous two days to "this" design board at the end!

So, on the last post you were supposed to just have the sofa, pillows, end tables, and lamps...but, you got way more than that, right?  Well, today (Day 3) you were going to get the ottoman...(a West Elm Walton ottoman)
West Elm Walton Ottoman, Performance Velvet, Lagoon

I loved the idea of staying with the peacock blue family...just darker for this piece...what do you  The idea of using a large ottoman for the coffee table is really nice because it serves two purposes (you know, even a "comfy" place to prop your feet) and also because it actually "softens" the room even more.

Now, for the rug reveal (that you've already laid eyes on mistakenly!) it is...(Blue Wilshire Rug by Shopten25)
Blue Wilshire Rug

Again, we are keeping lots going on in the SAME color family so as not to cause "the eye" to jump all around our room.  Our other color will come in "pops" as we build our room!  Now, let's take a look at where we should be on Day #3...


Just forget, for now, all the other items that "mystically" appeared on the other post...assuming yours DID do this too...this is all we have in the room as of today.  Let's see...what do you think we should add next?  What items would YOU be most ready to add to your room at this point?  Be sure to come back by to see what new creations we find for this room design.

Be sure to make it a "Simply Irresistible" Monday!

Image Credits:  West Elm, ShopTen25, plus other mentions from previous postings.

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