May 21, 2012

Fantastic Finds!

Happy Monday dear readers!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend doing something that you enjoy!  For the start of our week I wanted to share with you what I found while out just "browsing"...

These scrumptious lamps and shades and pillows...aren't they great? 

And then there's these pillows...and these little mirrors here...ah...I love them.  What great accessories to dress up any navy and white room...or even another color room and add just a "pop" of the navy with these.

And then there was this color...are ya lovin' it as much as I was?

Now...guess where I saw all of these at...TARGET!  I couldn't believe it...I had not been in Target in forever and I can't resist going through the home decor department in any store...I couldn't believe my eyes.  I thought they had a great selection to choose from...and with styles like one would ever have to know where they came from, right??? (But, then again you could SHARE these good finds with others!!)

Ok, now let's take a look at what else I found...elsewhere, that is.

I adore shades like this...and found one at a really "sweet" price.

I know I'm on a pillow frenzy, but I couldn't resist these sassy little about YOU...can you use this much "sass" in your room?  No problemo for me!

I just wish I had a place for these, color, size...perfecto for just about any space.  Just not my color!  

What about these lovely YOU could find a spot for some of these.  

I admit...I NEED (yes, "need"!) these here for my wished-for beach house...don't ya think?  Too bad, it really is wished-for at this point...but maybe one day, huh?  A girl can dream, right???

So if YOU want to find some quick, pick-me-up deals like these here...head on out today to Target...or Homegoods.  That is where I found the rest of these Fantastic Finds.  Don't ya just love them?  

Enjoy your day and be sure to make it...
"Simply Irresistible"!

Photos by Alpha & Omega Interiors 

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