December 17, 2012

Thoughts and Prayers!

Things are just not the same around here since last Friday, as I'm sure it's this way for many of you.  This horrific tragedy touched the lives of many that lost loved ones, but it also touched many, many others...such as myself.  The grief that even I feel just from having heartfelt compassion for these families is overwhelming. I have prayed and prayed, almost continually, for those families who now face Christmas enduring such loss. 

I pray for each and every family member that God's grace, strength, love, comfort and peace would be so evident each and every day. My heart goes out to each one of them!  

What Satan meant for evil ("Satan comes but for to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY"  -John 10:10)...God is able to make good come out of it (Romans 8:28).  His ways are higher than ours, so we may not know HOW, but He will. 

Let's join together and pray for these families...even during the holiday (and beyond this time).  Life should never be too busy to pray for others!

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