July 3, 2012

Just My Style!

I guess you are gearing up for a 4th of July celebration, right?  I lieu of doing a "red, white and blue" post today, I thought I'd share the starts of a design board that I've been working on...and it's just my style too (and colors), so that has even made it more fun.  Take a peek...sorry for the over-run picture!

Hot Pink and Blue Room

Keep in mind this is just the start of it...I'm still not really convinced that this artwork over the sofa is "the one", but I wanted to make a selection just for the post...yea, for you.  I have adored these pink Oomph end tables since I first saw them and now I can put them to good use in this room.  I simply adore this color scheme...crisp, clean white with touches of hot pink and turquoise accents...let's just say THAT alone makes it "Simply Irresistible" to me!

Whatever your plans...stay safe and enjoy your 4th of July.

Be sure to make it "Simply Irresistible"!

Designs by Alpha & Omega Interiors
Tables shown by Oomph

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