March 22, 2011

Welcome Spring! (Yellows)

As we continue the series on color, today’s subject is...Yellow. Have you had a chance to spend some time outdoors?  If so, I'm sure you have found plenty of this "happy" color around. I’ll be exploring the use of yellow, showing you some colors that will work with it, and we'll see if this color takes YOU to that "happy" place emotionally (seriously, it's known to do that). If you've considered trying yellow in your home, this might get you started….

What are some characteristics of yellow?

In it’s purest form it is a cheery, strong,"sunny" color that can remind us of a sunny day at the beach.  Yellow brings with it a comfort and a sense of warmth in a way that the stronger warm colors of orange and red can't.  I always think of yellow as a happy color,  In our designs here at Alpha and Omega Interiors, we find that shades of the deep, warm golds are most popular.  Our clients seem to be able to live with this color much easier than with some of the other shades of yellow. However, everyone has their own taste and let's take a look!

FYI Tuesday Tidbit...
A lovely yellow/gold we are known to use by Sherwin Williams 
SW 6380 Humble Gold
(photo didn't do it go pick up a sample at your local store)

Banana Cream

Here we have all the makings of a classic and elegant room. This room simply overflows with "sunshine" and light with this bright shade of yellow and variations of ivory.  Notice that these colors are taken right from the room's artwork, makings this a very cozy and inviting space.  How does this room effect you emotionally?

Now, just for fun...let's stop and take a look at this same room done in two other colors and see how differently each effects you?  You will see that this concept is true...colors do effect us emotionally!

Here is the same room, but in chocolate brown with yellow and gold accents

Chocolate Brown (Promo)

These rich brown walls create a sophisticated space.  The use of neutral furniture, lamps, and accessories keeps this area from feeling too closed in. With the walls painted this chocolate brown, the designer accented in yellows and gold with the  painting (same one as previous room), pillows and a throw. The ivory lamps and plates makes a wonderful collage for the focal point all while keeping this room "light and airy"...even with a dark color on the walls. Now, does this same room, in this color, effect you differently?  How?

Next, same room a tangerine palette.

Tangerine Orange

Citrus hues lend a tropical feel to this you feel it?  If you want to spice things up a bit, then by all means, this citrus hue of tangerine, with lemon, lime, and coconut brown will give you this tropical, fun feel. Did you notice that it is not only the same room once again, but the same furniture and artwork as the two other rooms we just looked at...yet done in these colors it yields a whole new, fresh feeling. What do you 
think about this one? 

I hope this helped to show you that the colors used in your home do indeed have a personality and a mood altering effect.  Now let's continue looking at some designs in yellow.

Simply beautiful...

Yellow living room
I love how this entire room "feels" just like that painting above the sofa.  The color scheme is pulled from that painting for the whole area.  The yellows seem to "pop" that artwork scene even more.  Such a nice overall effect in here!

Here is a lovely vintage look!

Notice how this room was pulled together from the artwork with the golds mixed with the use of brown, greens, and blues.

Gray and yellow again combine for a striking look - notice the yellow continues outside. (via
Don't want to jump in with an entire room in this color...then accent some bookcases with it and add in throw pillows for a great refreshing look!

A fresh, cheery kitchen opens into a sunny breakfast nook. What a great way to start a day! (via Real Life Decorating, BHG)
Yellow can do wonders for a kitchen too by bringing the sunshine in.  And don't you just love this antique piece used as an island in here? This is indeed "Simply Irresistible" (and a great idea for you)! And then of course, there is this painted floor, but for now let's stick with the color of YELLOW!

Used with browns for a sophisticated, restrained bedroom (via Coastal Living)
What an elegant, yet laid back cozy feeling, this room has with the use of varying shades of yellow and gold along with the chocolate browns.  Is this the same "feel" you get with this room?

Sharp and full of contrast this combo of yellow, black and white is very current. (via
A punch of a brighter shade of yellow for a more bold, classic look.

These are actually pale yellow walls, so pale it almost looks cream.  This is a great way to go if you really don't want to play up the color on the walls much, but just want a subtle change. Then you can play up the yellows in the draperies, throw pillows, as well as a few select accessories.


Yellow and Pink Living Room
For those that know know I love this one! We have quite a bit of yellow along with pops of lime green and pinks....."Simply Irresistible" in my book! This is such a cozy and cheerful room that I might never want to leave it! This would indeed be my HAPPY place! I love how this room was grounded with a rug in white (ties in with trim, coffee table, and table chairs).

Or...why not at least try pops of color with flowers or accessories!  This would be an easy way to introduce a bit of sunshine into any area of your home for Spring.

How's this headboard for luxury?  And what a "pop" of cheerful yellow!

Yet another look using yellows with stripes.  This has a cottage "feel" to me! 

A small touch of this a statement or what?

How about these bright re-purposed barn doors instead of a standard door...?  I think this is quite stunning really....and the same shade of yellow used in the bedding.  I'm even loving this one! can always add in a ray of sunshine with a painted piece of furniture!  This is an easy idea, but what a WOW factor it is!

Here is a soft, gentle and peaceful room bathed in yellow with soft accents in green...lovely!

I know I have given you a lot of designs in yellow today, but it's such a cheerful color that I couldn't help myself!  I'd love to hear how this color effects you and if you would now consider using it in one of your rooms. Remember, if you need help designing your "new look" our design team is here to help with our local and out-of-town design services. We can get from you the "feel" you want and then create a design plan for you to follow in order to create your dream room...easily and in your time frame... and of course, within your budget.  Please be sure to let us know and we will get in touch with you.

Be sure to have a cheerful day and spread some of that cheer around to others...THAT will make it a "Simply Irresistible" day for sure!  Ta-Ta for now!

Photo Credits:  Southern Living, Architectural Digest, Coastal Living, Living Etc., Elle Decor, Make it Pop, House Beautiful, Country Living,, Better Homes and Garden,


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