March 1, 2011

"Simply Irresistible" Headboards

Do you perhaps have a room in your house that has a bed...but no headboard? Is this a room that you walk into occasionally wishing you had a magic wand and could just say "POOF" and it would turn into your dream room? Are you frustrated (since obviously THAT will never happen!) and not sure what to do with it? Well, may I suggest...FIRST, how about a fresh new color on the walls (go ahead and make your color palette selection) and THEN add...that much needed HEADBOARD. Hum, you may wonder, where do I get a headboard and what kind would I even put in here? Today, I will give you many ways (maybe too many!) you can design your very own headboard...all of which are "Simply Irresistible". Hopefully, I will show you some ways that you would never have dreamed of...

Courtesy of Southern Living

How about this luscious headboard made with a mantel? Then the inset of it has a fabric board (padded, of course) to make a truly unique headboard. Great idea!

Source unknown

Or...what about an iron screen for a headboard? I am "loving" this one! What a simple way to make a statement in your room.

Source unknown

Here is yet another one....old re-purposed DOORS! How is this for creative? And you've GOT to love the small crystal chandelier above the bed...."Simply Irresistible"!

Source unknown

What would you say to some window panes over the bed (no one could see in, of course!)?

OK now, be prepared...some are a little "off the wall", but very do-able (is that really even a word?).....Here goes....

Courtesy of  Funky Junk Interiors (great sight - a MUST to visit!)

What DO you think of this one? An old sign from a convenience store. I think this is a really cool idea! And, think about it, the color scheme is already laid out for you in the's that for easy! Of course, I would change the bed covering and draperies to a much bolder color to be coordinated with the sign.

Source unknown

How about some fancy carved moulding framed out in the shape of a headboard...truly simple, yet makes a statement! And, had this been me, I may have even taped off that area that would show (before moulding is put on) and paint it the color of those purple throw pillows. THAT would really make that "headboard" stand out!

Source unknown

This may not be your choice for YOUR bedroom or the guest bedroom, but how about a child's room? I think this is a another really creative way to get that headboard that you've been waiting for. It is sure to be the talk of the kids in that neighborhood!

Courtesy of House of Turquoise

And this, my friends, is just wallpaper! Would you have ever thought of this? Isn't it lovely? I love the bright, bold colors with the white bedding and accents of turquoise throughout the room.

Courtesy of Style Key West

Here, a little paint and a framed area (like a picture frame)....and we have it. A simple, casual headboard that could be used in any bedroom.

Courtesy of Better Homes and Garden

You've gotta love this one...a truly amazing design of LETTERS (oh, and a "6") all done in the color scheme of the room. So far, I call this the most unique....which one do you vote for?

Believe it or not....there are many more to show you, so why not take a break, go get that cup of hot tea or coffee (and a healthy snack of course) and come back to enjoy more great ideas!
Deliciously good!

Now that you are refreshed, let's continue to take a look at these headboard creations...

Source unknown

How about this combination for a unique design? Would YOU try this one in that spare bedroom...or in your own bedroom?

Courtesy of Flea Market Finds

Re-purposed shutters can work miracles for a headboard and WHAT a statement these make in this room...WOW! Not to mention the fact that a look like this comes from a flea market find. I could see this one in a master bedroom, for is "Simply Irresistible"!

Courtesy of

What is your take on this tiered, mirrored mantel look? Pretty intriguing, huh? I love it, the soft inviting colors in this room...and, once again....that crystal chandelier. What's not to love? I could settle right in as a guest here.

Available at

Here it iron headboard, right? WRONG! This is only a "graphic" headboard on the wall. It sure fooled you, didn't it? It is one of many styles, available in several colors that can easily be added to the wall for an instant headboard look. Take a look at a couple of their other styles...

And last, but not least, I leave you with this one....and yes, it IS another wall graphic headboard. It looks so the picture anyway! I think these are an amazing find. What a great inexpensive way to add some fun designs to a kid's room or a play room.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the many creative ways that YOU can fashion a headboard. Now you have no excuse for that room in your house that is without a headboard. I'd love to hear what you think about some of these and if you would be willing to try any. Be sure to comment on your favorites!

Now, make it a "Simpy Irresistible" day!


  1. Oh, I love the mantle. How cool is that. It's my favorite for sure!

  2. Thanks for sharing...I love that one too!

  3. Love the mantle one too!
    The sign head board is from the blog funky junk interiors- you need to cheek out that blog! Tons of inspiration!

  4. Great lineup!

    A reader of mine alerted me that you were featuring my headboard but you didn't know who it belonged to. I'm the owner of that funky market sign on the red wall.

    And I'm honoured you'd feature it and would love it if you'd offer my link to it. Thanks!


  5. Thanks, Robin, for letting me know whose great headboard this belonged to. I appreciate it and thank you for stopping by our blog!

  6. OMG...Donna! You have a wonderful blog. I plan to spend some more time reading there and will plan to follow your inspiring designs and creative writings. Thank you so much for getting in touch with me about your awesome headboard I had posted! I have already gone back and posted your link under that picture for others. Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS on your SignCraft magazine article...that is great! I can tell you have many talented and creative ideas. I can't wait to see more. Thanks for visiting our blog too!

  7. Wow! Such fabbo ideas! :D

    Rosie. x

  8. Thank you. I am so glad you stopped by our blog and found some helpful ideas! There are so many creative things you can do for headboards...other than just the "norm". Be sure to let us know if you try one!