March 3, 2011

Decorating with GREEN for Rooms that Inspire!

GREEN is in the can see it, feel it...and smell it.  Isn't it wonderful when it's this time of year that you see bits of "green" emerging from nature itself.  The grass starts to grow again, the once bare trees begin displaying new green leaves, and many luscious green perennials sprout up from the ground.  It let's us know that Spring is soon to be in the air!  This season (and color) always reminds me of a time of "renewal" and "freshness"!  

So, with that in mind...why not bring some renewal and freshness indoors....with green.  Have you ever really thought about decorating with this wonderful color of nature?  Let's take a look at some of the effects of using this color in our decorating... 

Design by Toby Fairley

How much more refreshing can it get than this? This is over the top and so inviting.  White and green together is such a sharp, clean look....I'm loving it!

Photo Courtesy of Category Architecture

What do you think about these luscious colors here?  Is this eye candy or what?  Notice in this room that it has a contemporary flair because of these bright colors and of course, the rug.  However, take a look at the architecture in the  room and even some of the speaks of a more formal style.  I love the mix used here! You can actually "feel" the energy from the use of color.

Photo courtesy of Decorating Room

Again, we sort of have that fun mix of styles...look at that artwork on the walls - contemp, while the fabrics and most of the furniture is more this should prove to you that you don't have to be afraid to mix it up a little.  And I love the couple of "pops" of the pinks and reds..."Simply Irresistible" for sure!

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

Here we have greens dripping with that cozy formal feeling.  But take a glance at that table skirt used with and red! See, CAN mix it up.  I love every element of this about you?  

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor (Design by Quito Fierro)

I could get down right cozy in this room.  Oops...I left my shoes in the floor (ha!).  And there's my "pop of pink" in the decor it! What a refreshing way to say "welcome".

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor

Now here is a room that totally goes in another direction.  Soft blue tones and then the punch of bright greens in the chair, window treatments, and the patterned throw pillows.  Very nice ... and you've gotta love those window valances!

Lovely Dining Room by Mary McDonald

And again we have our pop of bright green with the wallpaper that adds the energy to this space, yet the rest of the room radiates formality and elegance.  I love the way this bright yellow fabric was incorporated into this design...does this usher in Spring or what? Be sure to take time to look at all the details of this well designed room.

Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor

Now THIS is artwork!  Look at all the color possibilities for this room just from one piece of art.  You could take this area in any direction with this piece alone.  Let your imagination go wild and see what colors YOU would be inclined to create in your room using this colorful work of art.  This proves the fact that an entire room (or house) can be designed from only one basic starting point...and that can be just a picture that inspires you!

A few basic things to remember when using green in your decorating...since there are many shades of green, start with using the shade that most inspires YOU.  Now, just for some fun facts, I'll share what some of the greens are known to represent. 

Dark green - ambition
Bright chartreuse green - health and healing
Olive green - peace

According to a Mood Color Chart, the green colorways lean to the "relaxed" side of things.  That alone is a great reason to decorate with green...of course, that is, if you like green. Yes indeed, GREEN (the color of nature) does have a calming effect.  Let me know what effect you think your favorite shade of green has on YOU.

Keep in mind that our design team is available to work with you to bring "renewal" to your rooms....whether it be with green or not. Be sure to take some time today to also look around and see the emerging signs of renewal in nature and...

Make it a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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