February 10, 2012

Things I LOVE...Day #10

TGIF...yea!  Hope your day was wonderful in every way! For Day #10 of my secret love reveal I'll share with you my love of...


CR | Peony

There's just something about these flowers that intrigue me...it's as simple as that!  To me, they are "Simply Irresistible"...in any color.

P | Peony
My personal fave...wonder why???

P | Peony | Set of 2 Assorted

Here we have Veranda Peonies...5 x 5 size makes them perfect for just about any little spot!

PF | Peony

R | Peony | Set of 2
How about this luscious deep red...gorgeous, ya think?

I truly think that with ANY color scheme you can't go wrong by adding one of these in white - to "soften" a hard surface. It's a great idea!  You can always use one atop a small stack of books on an end table...or coffee table for that matter.  They look incredible and are such a nice touch to the kitchen countertops too. 

Simple and easy...perhaps you love another type of flower...maybe tulips?  Any flower used will instantly cozy up the room...try it, you'll see!

Have a "Simply Irresistible" Evening!

Photo Credits: NDI, Inc., House Beautiful

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