February 9, 2012

Things I LOVE...Day #9

"Things I Love" for today is short and sweet...really sweet!  Now don't laugh, OK...I love CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES! And let me tell you, I DO mean LOVE.  
Yum...I can almost taste them now!  Just one thing though, I only eat them during the Christmas holiday.  That's right and "Santa" always remembers to bring them for me-Ha!  He does!  There is never a year that's gone by that I don't get chocolate covered cherries...sometimes several boxes of them. 
"Select Maraschino cherries wrapped in a creamy fondant and covered in 100% milk chocolate."  

And just for fun...here's a "chocolate covered cherry" room...

Now what could be any better than that for the holidays? 

They are "Simply Irresistible" to me!

Have a "CHERRY" of a Day!

Photo Credits:  Brach's, The Lennox

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