February 13, 2012

Things I Love...Day #13

What little secret do I want to share with you today about what I love?  Oh, I know!  I love...POCKETBOOKS (handbags, as some of you may call them!).  I have had "a thing" for pocketbooks ever since I can remember...probably since I was one year old or so...no joke!  I have.  I cannot go into any store without browsing through the wide selections (just ask my hubby...even when he's with me I still can't resist!) of these ever-wonderful fashion accessories.  I am what some may call...obsessed with them!  I'd carry a new one each day...if I didn't have to change out everything (such a chore some days!).

Yes, it's PINK!

The more "bling"...the better!

Bold colors are always a nice look!

A few "ruffles" can sassy up the look too!

Silver is my fave, for now anyway. 

A fun one!

Now you know...I have a true obsession for pocketbooks!  How about YOU...do you love them as much as  me?  

Now...go have yourself a "Simply Irresistible" Day!

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